Why "Wordnatomy"?


I spent most of my undergraduate career on the pre-medical track. The sciences were always something I had been interested in and I was sure that I was going to be a doctor some day.  But that didn't stop me from taking at least one English class nearly every semester throughout undergraduate education.  Eventually, I declared myself an English major, still sticking with the pre-medical route.


Most people I mentioned this fact to always seemed to react in the same way: slightly confused, mildly amused.  English and the Sciences don't typically go together in most people's minds.  But I am not most people.


To me, English and science are very similar.  Living beings are made of proteins which are made of  molecules which are made of elements which are made of atoms.  Texts are made of pages which are made of paragraphs which are made of sentences which are made of words. To construct a desired molecule, one must combine all the right parts and hope for a reaction to produce a specific result. Essays, paragraphs, sentences - they are no different.  Each construction requires the right pieces working together in a very precise and specific way to create a desired effect.  English (and more specifically, writing) is a science.


I may not be pre-med. anymore, but that doesn't mean I've left scientific concepts behind.  With that in mind, this portfolio is designed around the science of English. Each section is a part of a greater whole; each page, each essay, each project tells a more whole story of me as a writer.  Individually, they are small - they are atoms. Together, they are a much bigger - they are a an entity, my being.